Atlantis und der prähistorische Abbau von Metall in Amerika

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von unserem Gastautor Peter Marsh

There is an ancient copper mine in Michigan that was used by these people and later by the Phoenicians and Berbers who exported about 500,000 tons of copper from this mine back to Europe, via the St Lawrence River and down the Mississippi to Central American civilizations.

In the bay at the western end of Cuba, where the main city of Atlantis was meant to have been situated, the sandy beach contains minute grains of gold. 11,600 years of erosion would easily reduce sheets of gold into minute grains. People have suggested this gold, which does not come from a motherload in the area, is from gold looted from the Aztecs and Incas on a Spanish wreck in the bay. It would not be possible for a cache of gold to be reduced to such fine specks in only 300 years.

Plato also talks of Orichalcum and Gold. He says they hammered out great sheets of these metals and covered large stone structures marking the entrance to great harbours. Is it possible that such early use of metals has been hidden from archaeologists eyes? The earliest use of copper in the world was in Michigan. So far copper artefacts ~8000 years old have been found .Gold has also been found associated with ancient copper artefacts. Both Copper and Gold can be found in nature as pure nuggets, the simple process of hammering it into sheets would not have been a terribly difficult concept to grasp. I suspect that the date for the earliest use of metals will be pushed back to the time of Atlantis - 11,500BP.

Sometime after 11600years ago a god like person named Anu helped transform the primitive Sumerians into farmers. This can only be an individual representing the Anu, which are better known as the Veda of India. Then a 600 years later a group of white faced, purple clothed people with golden wings appear in the Sumerian historical records. They are seen as educators in the humanities, medicine and astronomy. These can only be individuals representing the people of Atlantis. As the cities of the Veda and the cities associated with Atlantis are all in at least 40m of water, little can be ascertained about the cultural development of these people until an actual city site is found. The cultural development of the Sumerians may give us some idea what these cultures were like.

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